JUNE 24th & 25th PHOENIX AZ.  2017 
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Highlights from the 2016 conference

What Is Meltdown in the Desert ? 
Social Media, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business & Networking!
The summers hottest social media and entrepreneur event of the year is back! This influential event brings together some of the industries top leaders across business, marketing and social media.
In this two day conference you will walk away with tactics and strategies used by some of the top leaders to directly implement into your personal brand or business today! 

This years line up has a social media reach north of 450 million impressions worldwide and have worked with organizations that have generated north of $1 billion dollars combined. 

Yeah that's BILLIONS with a B!  
Our Partnerships...
Without our partners and you the guest, we would never be able to put on such an amazing event that has impact on so many. Below is a snap shot of some of these important partnerships that are part of the Meltdown family. 
Tom Bilyeu
Co-Founder Quest Nutrition & CEO at Impact Theory 
Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of 2014 Inc. 500 company Quest Nutrition — a unicorn startup valued at over $1 billion — and the co-founder and host of Impact Theory.
Scott Duffy
CEO Coach & Co Host Business & Burgers 
Scott Duffy is an entrepreneur and business growth expert. He has been listed as a Top 10 Keynote Speaker by Entrepreneur & Forbes,
Sean Whalen
CEO Lions Not Sheep
Sean is the founder of the global movement named Lions Not Sheep, entrepreneur, public speaker, author and all around bad ass. His social media reach is well over 25M.
Ryan Michler
CEO Order of Man
Ryan Michler is a husband, father, Iraqi Combat Veteran, and the Founder of Order of Man, a social community that includes over 30,000 members.
Ketan Makwana
Founder Enterprise Lab 
Ketan Makwana is a renowned international & TEDx Speaker, serial entrepreneur and mentor has started, scaled a sold multiple businesses in the last 7 years.
Yemeni Mesa
President Know Better Foods 
Yemeni Mesa has over twenty years of experience in the consumer packaged goods

From founding Luna Bella to an executive at Quest Nutrition, Yemeni has found tremendous success building disruptive products in a competitive marketplace. 
Dr. Karen Osburn
CEO Women Wanting More  
Dr. Karen Osburn is a retired Chiropractor who walked away from her Practice of 14 years to go all in with her online Message and Movement with Women Wanting More.

The Women Wanting More Podcast is currently at over 1 million downloads in just 18 months. 
Joseph Anglim
Artist / Reality TV Star
You may recognize Mr. Anglim from the hit show Survivor. His love for people, community and tribe building has earned him not one but two spots on one of the worlds hardest reality shows.
Tommy Baker
CEO Resist Average  
Tommy is dedicated to optimizing human performance using fitness as a catalyst for growth and expansion in all areas of life. From a best selling author to figure head in the podcast community - His goal is to help people produce results with his 10X Fitness Formula.
Brandon James Duncan
CEO Rare Breed
Brandon works with men and women around the world to re-awaken their sense of purpose, fulfillment and re-define their personal struggles and pain to create power, opportunity and new shifts in being.
Steve Fielding
Sr. Communications Mngr, Microsoft
Steve is an award-winning Senior Public Relations Professional with 20 years of experience driving positive perceptions, media relations, and global brand awareness for consumer technology
Kevin McMillen
CEO Ryantech Inc.
Kevin is a serial Entrepreneur with accolades from Microsoft and EO spanning years of experience. With over 27 years in his career in automotive he leads the team in technology solutions that meet and exceed client expectations.

  •  Learn What It Takes To Build a Billion Dollar Business 
  •  How to Leverage Social Media To Build a Loyal Fan Base 
  •  Building a Personal & Business Brand 
  •  Learn Top Strategies on Building a Loyal Social Media Following That Converts to Revenue
  •   How to build, scale and produce a world class podcast

  •  Learn Business, Social Media & Marketing Tactics From Industry Leaders 
  •  Balancing Your Business & Personal Life as an Entrepreneur and Business Owner
  •  Top Social Media Marketing Tools and How to use Them for Personal and Business
  •  A candid discussion with industry leaders
  •   Networking, Networking & Networking!
Liz Benny / CEO of KAPOW 
 Monetizing YOUR Idea Through Social Media

Liz Benny is The Queen Of Kapow! KAPOW is not just a word for Liz … it’s an energy and power about living your life to the fullest! She is renowned for her incredible energy and thirst for life, and for genuinely “giving a shit” about people’s success and results.

Through her social media agencies and custom courses she has helped one thousand people around the world do what she did - make more than one million dollars! 

Liz Benny is different from anyone else you’ve ever met … She’s at the coalface of her own businesses, and succeeding at a very high level. Liz cares deeply about the results of her customers and clients … and integrity is one of her highest values.
Tony Grebmeier / CEO ShipOffers
How to Launch a 7 Figure Supplement Company From Scratch in One Year
Tony Grebmeier is a builder. While most well-known for building a multi-million dollar business with his childhood friends, 

it is Tony’s mission in life is to build a community where struggling entrepreneurs know they can achieve anything they want despite their past. 

In 1996, Tony launched his first online business in Silicon Valley, a Web traffic and marketing company, which eventually turned into his first supplement company. 

In 2001, he went on to build his second supplement company, ShipOffers, with two of his childhood best friends, Doug Roberts and Gil Gerstein. Fifteen years later, 

ShipOffers is an eight-figure business that has been an INC 5000 Company for the past three years in a row. 
Steve Messa / CEO InfluenceLogic
How to Win at Influencer Marketing on YouTube
Steve is Chief Operating Officer at InfluenceLogic, a technology company that helps businesses drive growth and revenue through content creators and influencer marketing.

Advertising on YouTube has become an essential channel in the digital marketer's advertising mix. It's diverse network of content creators and influencers, combined with its embracing culture of sponsorships and branded content, makes it an ideal channel to reach consumers and grow your brand.

In this breakout, Steve shares key advantages that YouTube offers marketers over other platforms, as well as specific tactics your brand can use to increase ROI and build win/win partnerships with creators.
Dan Henry / Social Marking BadAss
How to Create a 6 Figure Facebook Ad Agency in 30 days
Dan Henry is one of the fastest growing internet entrepreneurs in the world. He went from broke to $1 million in PROFIT in 5 months using paid traffic, and did it by taking the exact opposite approach most gurus teach.

He has trained over 1200 Facebook ad agency owners and digital product launchers, has one of the fastest-growing digital products online, and has consulted for multimillion dollar online entrepreneurs and Saas companies.

He is also extremely good looking and reminds most people of a young Johnny Depp. If Johnny Depp had a potty mouth. Sorry Disney

Eric Bakey
Learn How to Close 125% of Your Prospects, Even if You're Not a Natural Salesman
Eric Bakey is a US Army Combat Veteran, published author, and a direct marketing CULTsultant who specializes in sales that wage war on customers’ skepticism while building a cult-like following of irrationally loyal fans for his clients’ businesses. 
Aaron Pierson
How to Create Sticky and Resonant Content for Your Audience
Aaron is a Digital Brand Strategist, Killer Content Creator, Filmmaker, Author and Award Winning Designer. 

He focuses on business solutions that encourage the promotional growth of digital entrepreneurs and content creators and specializes in devising creative ways to maximize the full potential of a client’s digital footprint. 

Through many creative channels and “out of the box” methods, Aaron advances his client’s brand, while maintaining marketing driven by consumer behavior.
Amanda Pittenger
How to Monetize Your Social Media Influence Through Lead Generation & Marketing Automation
Amanda is a marketing automation expert and business coach who specializes in strategy and implementation. 

She has made her mark in the online space as a ClickFunnels Certified Consultant, and Russell Brunson uses her success story as an example of what is possible in internet marketing entrepreneurship. 

Amanda is recognized as an authority on creating wildly successful marketing funnels that are proven to increase profitability and influence for businesses.
Dom Faussette / Executive Coach
Tactics to Becoming a Leader, Subject Mater Expert in Your Field and Why Telling Your Story Matters 
With over a decade of leadership training, interview coaching, speaking, and most importantly, real-world, in-the-trenches business experience with 5 Fortune 500 companies, his view is radically different. 

Unlike many speakers/coaches, Dom Faussette extracts the unidentified natural leadership ability you currently possess and builds upon your platform. 

Dom appreciates, and shares with listeners, that leadership is a moment-to-moment choice and not about title, tenure or position. Leadership is for everyone, everyday. It's how we should live our life. 
In this candid Q&A we have the opportunity to speak with top female leaders in the human rights, entrepreneur and the social media influencer space. 

Our panel has a social media reach over of over 125 million impressions annually. 

From a rising Youtube sensation to best selling author. From humanitarian to female business advocate - This open dialog will provide some amazing insight that you will not want to miss! 
Rebecca Fielding / Co-founder Travel Unwrapped
Rebecca’s background is in Human Rights advocacy - representing children and families. In 2005 she became a magistrate (youngest female in the UK) with a particular interest in sitting in the communities’ court. 

 Rebecca is deeply committed to cultivating understanding between people by respecting cultures and celebrating diversity. As a result, gaining more understanding about ourselves and our ancestry, we are able to find the things in the world that unite us, rather than divide us. 

Based on this belief, she founded Travel Unwrapped to use the knowledge of our roots to give us the inspiration to spread our wings and explore.
Yin Lin / Co-Founder SheWorx
Yin Lin is the co-founder of SheWorx, the global collective for ambitious female entrepreneurs redefining leadership. Featured in WSJ, Forbes, Inc., Fortune, and other top publications, SheWorx has been recognized as the leading female entrepreneur event series, having launched in 6 global cities, reached over 20,000 women, and curated 100 dynamic roundtables and summits providing women with actionable business strategies and access to top mentors and investors.
Dee LaVigne / YouTube Super Star 
As a young wife, mother & entrepreneur, Dee is a positive and empowering role model for this generation of women. 

Dee found early success as a creator by sharing her family's story on YouTube, and has since partnered with top brands such as Macy's, Procter & Gamble, Amazon, Nordic Track, Universal Pictures, VTech, UBEReats, and many more.

Her channels have a subscriber base north of 1 million with over 280 million views and counting! 
Olenka Cullinan / Founder Rising Tycoons 
Olenka Cullinan is a Founder of Rising Tycoons, Amazon bestselling author, Gen Z and Millennial speaker and success coach. Olenka has developed a “Backbone of Success”™ method that helps leaders become CEOs of their lives. 

Olenka’s work as a startup venture mentor nationwide, combined with humor and personal experiences led to her TEDx talks, global exposure and made her into one of the nation’s premier consultants. 

When Olenka isn’t travelling the world, you can find her reading, coaching slam poetry, or hiking.
Jennifer Hudye / CEO- Conscious Copy
Jennifer is an entrepreneur, digital marketer and conscious hustler. She helps online coaches, experts, and thought leaders become the Influencer in their space through email marketing. She’s worked with brands/companies like Adam Markel, Cameron Herold, Harvey Mackay and Millionaire Mind Experience

Business & Burgers is a search for the best burger in America and a side of great business advice. Each month Co-Hosts Scott Duffy & Alan Taylor travel to one new city and visit the top restaurants, brew houses, and pubs. While there, they interview high profile entrepreneurs, athletes, and entertainers over amazing burgers and sides, while extracting authentic lessons they have learned in business.
When was the last time you created something? I mean sat down and did something creative? Did you know the average age of that question is 10 years old? 

Why is that? 

We as entrepreneurs and creators are always building. To celebrate the create process through art and hustle we are please to feature works from to legendary creators. 
Adam Dumperfoo 
Adam Dumper has been a legend in the urban art scene for the past 2 decades. Creating thousands of paintings in live events each year, his speed, quality and abilities are second to none. 

Having performed with some of musics top performers, Dumper is a staple when it comes to live art. We are pleased to have him creating a piece live during our Women's Panel Discussion. 
VENUE: Galvanize
515 E Grant St, Phoenix, AZ 85004
It is with great pleasure that we announce our exclusive partnership with The Marriott as our hotel of choice for the upcoming Meltdown event.
We have 100 rooms and they will go fast. We have negotiated an amazing rate that is exclusive to attendees!

Details: Courtyard Phoenix Downtown
$89.00 USD - $99.00 USD per night

Hotel and Transportation Information
Check-in and Check-out
Check in: 4:00 PM
Check out: 11:00 AM

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport - PHX
Hotel direction: 3.7 miles NW

Courtyard Phoenix Downtown
 132 South Central Avenue Phoenix AZ 85003 
Phone: (602) 603-2001
Kolby Kolibas
CEO The Healthy Primate & RAMP Society
VP Marketing & Business Development RyanTech Inc.
Kolby is an Entrepreneur, Author, Social Media Influencer, Global Marketing Expert, Father, Husband & Revolutionary Against Average. He spent over 15 years in corporate America as an executive running sales and marketing for companies such as IBM, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Dell and many others.
Kolby has advised, built and partnered with hundreds of startups that have generated millions of dollars in revenue over the past 10 years.

Helping entrepreneurs take ideas to revenue, Mr. Kolibas specializes in sales process, market penetration, social media and taking actions that produce results. He is often referred to as the Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur.
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